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  Cross Functional Task Forces
At our plant in Sankili, several plant-related issues are addressed and resolved through Cross-functional task forces (CFT)

Key issues are identified through group discussions facilitated by trained members from within the team, grouped and prioritized based on their impact on the business. As the teams are cross-functional in nature, often new insights are revealed, breaking several myths, enabling the teams to come up with novel resolutions. Typical issues which are being addressed by CFT’s are Energy savings, Cost reduction, Improving manpower productivity, Loss reduction, etc. Well established Quality Tools are used by the team to systematically address and present issues.

Apart from finding innovative solutions to operational issues, Cross Functional Taskforces build camaraderie and team spirit and gives a sense of ownership and belonging among the members. CFT’s have become a way of life at Sankili and this practice would be replicated at other units too.
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