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  New plants, new initiatives
The Foundation commenced its developmental interventions in both Haliyal and Ramdurg, where our new Integrated Sugar Complexes are coming up.
After conducting a situational analysis of the areas, we have commenced relevant social initiatives in a number of villages in the neighborhood of our new units.
Several sustainable programs have been initiated in the villages around Haliyal and Ramdurg, targeting three main areas of concern.
  • Competitions in singing, rangoli, drawing, etc., as a rapport building exercise
  • Opening of community libraries
  • Supplementing teaching staff in schools
  • Evening tuition centres
  • Planting saplings around the school
  • Providing sports material to schools
  • Mentoring drop-outs
Health, hygiene & sanitation
  • General health checkup campaigns
  • Eye check up campaign in villages
  • Free cataract operations for the needy
  • Distribution of free medicines
  • Street plays on HIV / Aids
  • Cleanliness campaigns with the help of local volunteers
Livelihood opportunities for women and youth
  • Job placement for unemployed youth
  • Vocational training in making of liquid soap, phenyl, agarbathi, candle making, etc.,
  • Training programs on TV and cellphone repairs, electrician training
  • Tailoring classes for women
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